I’ve always had a fascination with bad movies as long as I can remember. It probably began with my dad making fun of any movie we would watch growing up, complete with weekly doses of Mystery Science Theater 3000. For years I’ve been watching SyFi Channel original movies instead of watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster. My wife made me cancel our Netflix due to the number of Steven Seagal films I had on queue.

This being said, I considered myself an average 20-something family man. Until recently, when I came across syndicated episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger and I was never the same. I had literally never seen something so beautiful in it’s terribleness. It was like some kind of sick car accident that you just can’t look away from. My DVR couldn’t provide me with enough episodes, it’s just so bad that I needed more!

At this time I decided to embark on an epic quest. A journey of self discovery, awesomeness, and very possibly self destruction.

Within weeks, I had obtained every episode. I went in for a physical and got my doctor to approve (against his professional judgement) . I wrote my will, just in case I became suicidal.

And thus the adventure begins. One man. Watching every episode of Walker, Texas Ranger ever made. In order.

Pray for me.


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