Episode 119 “The Committee”

This is our villain. Or an alarm clock from the future.

The Committee is a group of cops, judges and lawyers that seek vengeance on criminals that have avoided being punished in the legal system. Sounds pretty awesome until you learn their leader is a blue talking light thing. We begin with a slimebag criminal being hunted down by a member of The Committee. He is tracked to a strip club featuring 20 strippers on stage at a time all wearing tasteful swimsuits. What a ripoff! Then we see how inhuman this scum is when he revokes his $1 tip to a stripper. That’s just smart shopping if you ask me. Once he is killed, Walker immediately solves the mystery that it is someone working to seek retribution on criminals.

An awkward scene follows with CD and Trivette grilling Walker about him going on a date with Alex. It feels like something out of junior high school really. The other strange thing is that it seems that Walker is at one moment a ladies man and then the next he is clueless about women, especially Alex. The man struggles to express emotions without the use of a roundhouse kick to the face, but really – who doesn’t?

Well Walker goes on the date but finds Alex has some guy from the federal government there to discuss The Committee. Poor Walker is fucking heartbroken from this setup. What’s worse is that she doesn’t even cook him the dinner he was promised and offers him a leftover half eaten turkey sandwich. You can’t expect Walker to put on a suit, bring flowers and put himself out there like that Alex! You are shitting on his feeling and he is a sensitive soul! Luckily she is not thrown through her coffee table by Walker, he’s a professional and decides to discuss the case (but does give her a strange sexual eyebrow raise. Say no more, say no more.)

He got this suit at Don Johnson’s yard sale

Walker goes rogue by faking killing a convict during a chase. He then has it arranged to be kicked out of the Texas Rangers for this, which is sure to have The Committee contact him. Sure enough, he puts on his “bad guy” Miami Vice suit and they meet with him. He does wear a spectacular collection of late 80’s / early 90’s cool suits in this episode. Another thing he does that’s pretty cool is take the public defender lady who is part of The Committee out on a lunch date to a fucking hot dog cart. It’s a good move for a date since it saves money. It’s a bad move since you 1) risk spilling mustard on your tough guy suit, 2) look like a cheap bastard and 3) both you and your date will suffer from hot dog induced gas and or diarrhea within an hour. Needless to say, Walker isn’t getting laid off this move but you have to appreciate his ballsiness and creativity.

Trivette appears and is completely unprofessional in a secret meeting with Walker in a movie theater. He is engrossed in the film, chowing down on popcorn, soda and a hotdog with his feet up. Just when you think he is useless, his uncanny natural talent of being lucky kicks in when he finds out that the blue orb is just a computerized call system! And then the viewer finds out that they don’t give a shit about what happens anymore in this episode since that blue orb was the only mystery.

But stick around because Walker dons a periwinkle colored suit, chases down a member of  The Committee and then unleashes awesome on him. Just count the sheer number of roundhouse kicks to the face on this poor bastard. For good measure, Walker throws him through a car windshield too.

One of the numerous roundhouse kicks to the face

It pretty much ends from there. Walker and Trivette arrest the members of The Committee and we have a quick trial, sending their asses to jail. Walker is never shown being exonerated for being kicked off the squad or reinstated back the Rangers, but we will just ignore that fact.

Walker is looking into your soul



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